Exhibitions today

Exhibition activity

The Exhibition - for inhabitant of the modern city phenomena familiar and comprehensible.

But what appeared itself notion and action "exhibition"?

In the beginning was a fair. The Fairs arose as action of the market nature, which the main purpose was shown, marketing goods.

Unlike them exhibitions appeared as facility to public demonstration that or other achievements mankind in the field of material and spiritual culture.

Presently, at the beginning initially XXI age, exhibitions become cosmopolitan - an ensemble of them move from city in city, inhabitant practically any мегаполиса can see each day something new in show rooms and gallery from the other countries and region.

The Internal space and concept of the exhibitions are constantly changed - a world, with its new opening and rhythm, gives all new and new ideas.

In modern world not a single step can be not made disregarding consequence, prospects or reactions rival. In all it is necessary to know how be orientated, all it is necessary to take into consideration. The Business does not forgive the trivialities and irresponsibility. Each company to try to occupy worthy and belonging to her rightfully place in market poetries, so named "niche", by means of participations on exhibition.

Today, exhibition activity becomes independent and full-fledged type of promotion. This possibility of the simultaneous play on count; calculate; list marketing instrument: tele- marketing, advertising announcements, direct postal sending out, shields, presentations, tastings, contests, celebrations, studies, conferences, PR and etc.

Many companies do the rate on exhibition activity exactly. The Exhibition tightly fell into repertoire organization in sphere of the contact with contractor: prospective clients, partner, rival and etc. Aside from decision especially instrumental business of the problems, exhibition activity, as facility of the contact to organizations with her(its) plural contractor, can be a serious lever in конструировании organizing имиджа, t. k. The Exhibition - really sea of the possibilities:

  • the determination contact with new client;
  • maintenance of the relations with old client;
  • study to branches;
  • study client;
  • study rival;
  • scale presentation to product to companies;
  • possibility of new product ;
  • shaping/ maintenance имиджа companies;
  • estimation of the personnel to companies;
  • selecting the new personnel and a great deal another.