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Ladies and Gentlemen!

We invite you to take a part in the «International «Kazautoroad-2013», which will be held from 27 to 28 November 2013 in Astana.

Official support for the exhibition: Ministry of Transport and Communications of Kazakhstan.

Organizer: «The exhibition company« STINEX », Astana city


• «Road Builders Association of Kazakhstan», Astana city

• «Exhibition and marketing center», Moscowcity


The Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana city,

Exhibition center «KОRME», Dostyk str, 3

Business program.

The program currently is in its formative stages.

We invite you to cooperate with associations, research and educational organizations, companies and experts.

Proposals should be sent to the Organizing Committee.

Information support:

«Stroitelniyvestnik» newspaper, Astanacity; «Roads. Innovation in Construction»  magazine, Sе. Petersburg city;«Stroitelnayaorbita» Russian Journal, Moscow city;«Roads Commonwealth of Independent States» magazine, Moscow city; «Magazine of modern construction technologies  «Krasnayaliniya» St. Petersburg city;  «Stroybusiness» magazine, Almaty city, «Dorozhnayaderzhava» magazine, St. Petersburgcity, «Contact plus»Handbook of enterprises, Karaganda city,  «Yellow Pages» PH, Almatycity.

The exhibition«Kazautoroad-2013» - review of innovative technology and technical solutions, experience, performance of work in designing, building and repairing roads, bridges and tunnels, with their operation and maintenance, organizing and equipping the road infrastructure. In the exhibition and activities of scientific and business program of the Forum will be presented to the development and production of the leading engineering and scientific research organizations, industry and road companies and organizations from Kazakhstan, Russia, CIS and abroad, working in the field of road construction and maintenance of roads , development and production of materials, road machinery and equipment, organization and ensure traffic safety and other areas of the road sector.

The exhibition aimis to promote the comprehensive development of road infrastructure, road and transport infrastructure in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the disclosure of the potential of the region through effective use of the latest achievements of domestic and foreign developers and manufacturers to create conditions for the exchange of experiences and find new forms of cooperation, representatives of production, business and academia.

Sections of the exhibition:

v  Construction, earthmoving machinery, municipal engineering, equipment repair and maintenance of roads, crushing equipment

v  Technology and materials for construction, reconstruction, repair and maintenance of roads, bridges and overpasses

v  Technical means of security and traffic control (traffic signs, markings, traffic lights, non-contact system of operational control of speed, axle load, traffic and road conditions)

v  Road and bridge railings

v  Attached and hydraulic equipment, spare parts for machinery

v  Roadside service and arrangement of roadside areas: car washes, gas stations, roadside landscaping areas, etc.

v  Machinery and equipment for materials control, diagnosis, quality of execution of road works

v  Geodetic, engineering, geology, drilling equipment and the experience of work, blasting

v  The software and communications

v  Overalls

v  The education and training

v  Lubricants

v  Rental and leasing of construction machinery and equipment

v  Financial and insurance services

v  Specialty media

The experience of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the exhibition and outreach activities in road sector shows the ever-increasing practical interest in Kazakhstan's Road to the use of modern innovations.

Participation in exhibition’s events- is a real solution on the market of Kazakhstan, development of business cooperation and economic development.

We invite you to participate in the exhibition of scientific and business program of the «Intenational Exhibition «Kazautoroad – 2013».

We hope that your company's participation in exhibitions plays an important role in the development and further development of the promising market of Kazakhstan!