Exhibitions today


Nowadays main place in system of communication occupies exhibition activity. Today Exhibition tightly entered to repertory arrangements in sphere of the contact with contractor: prospective customers, partners, rivals and etc. Besides solving particularly business problems, exhibition activity, as the means of the contact to organizations with its contractors, can be a serious lever in framing company’s image.

The Kazakhstan exhibition company «Fair Expo» sees its mission in creation comfortable business-atmosphere for participants and visitors of our exhibition, maximum using the possibilities of the exhibition as effective mechanism business-communications:

  • contractual function with new customers;
  • maintenance of the relations with old customers;
  • industry research;
  • customer research;
  • rival research;
  • scale presentation of products to companies;
  • possibility new product making round or smooth by rolling;
  • formation and maintenance company’s image;
  • estimation of company’s personnel;
  • selection of new personnel and etc.

The Company "Fair Expo" began its activity in 1999 with Swiss-Russian exhibition company "FAIREX".

Since December 2001 company "Fair Expo" has having continued its independent activity.

The first exhibition "Safety.Warning.Security" was organized in September 2002 year.

During 6 years in the framework of exhibition "Safety.Warning.Security" were conducted: seminars, round tables, presentations, conferences of the other actions.

But 2008 was for the first time entered award in the field of safety systems "Altyn Dabyl" at support of MCHS,MVD, service KNB.

Dynamic developing in exhibition business, domestic company opens and successfully conducts all new and new exhibitions such as:

  • "Polygraphy. Advertisement. Stationery", which became noticeable event in advertising-polygraphic branch.

In 2010 is introduced two new projects "Fair of the book and stationary goods" and "Industry of modern art" in the framework of exhibition "Polygraphy. Advertisement- 2010".

  • "KAZAUTOROAD”. Equipment, construction and service industry of the road complex" presents meeting key participants, working in sphere of road construction, exploitations and designing the car roads; the manufacture of road machines and materials, safety provision in the road traffic.


In 2009 exhibition "Kazautoroad-2009" is organized with OYUL «Kazakhstan road association».

  • "BANK-Expo: Bank equipment and financial facilities".
  • "Hunt. Equipment and equipping for hunt and fishing"
  • Exhibition-fairs: "World childhood. The School" and "New year's fair", "Industry of the mode and beauties" and etc.

Since 2009 Our company made our way on new level of the holding of exhibitions-fairs in different cities of Kazakhstan.

The Organization of international exhibitions include not on only large companies not only, but also on enterprises, small and average business since searching for new contacts on exhibition - one of the most efficient ways for establishing connection with potential partners.

For short period of time our company has such customers as: State department RK, Independent party "Nur-Otan" Central-Kazakhstan association of the businessmen, Association "Kazakhstan Su Arnasy", Akimat of Astana city, Charitable fund "Byte" and many others, but in the same way countries from abroad.

For present-day day except organization of the specific exhibition we render following facilities:

  • Building exhibition squares from "OCTANORM" and "CONSNA" equipment
  • Designing of the exhibition stands
  • Construction of individual stand
  • Mobile exhibition stands
  • Production for advertising
  • External advertisement
  • Undertaking PR-action

In 2006 opened branch in Almaty, and in the near future planned opening of the number branches not only in Republic of Kazakhstan, but also in abroad.

Branch in Almaty "Fair Expo" is an organizer of the exhibition-fairs:

  • "Spring surprise"
  • "World of childhood"

The following exhibition-fairs were organized by our company in 2007 in Astana city:

  • “World of presents”
  • “New-Year fair”

Except Kazakhstan companies in our exhibition also participate representatives as near, so and far abroad: Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Ukraine, Finland, Turkey, India and other countries.

The Direction of the exhibitions: jewelry, make-up, perfumery, cloth, accessories, souvenirs, toys, technological novelties, home appliances, premises, drink, pastries, sporting goods, mobile communication and another.

The Exhibition-fairs – is professional support of the business. It’s possibility of the alive contact with potential partner and customers, realization its products, expansion geographies to activity and open dialogue with colleague, increasing recognizability and image of Your companies.

The Familiarization with Your product in exhibition-fair will allow the multiple visitor treat towards You and after its terminations that, certainly, will promote the further development of Your business.

In threshold of the exhibition leading specialists conduct our companies with participant specialized seminar-briefing, on which are offered practical advices and recommendations for efficient and successful participation in exhibition. Your prior registration will allow to select best for Your exhibition stand and will provide the accommodation, information for directory catalogue of exhibition.